Health & Well Being Retreats
in the Heart of Glastonbury

Chalice Hill Retreats

Chalice Hill House is a beautiful old Georgian Manor House, situated at the foot of Chalice Hill within a private and peaceful garden, close to wonderful walks in nature and a short walk to the town centre of Glastonbury.

The house and garden offer a unique place, providing an atmosphere which evokes a magical healing quality. The invitation here is to allow a door to the self to open up, as you walk through the doors of Chalice Hill House, entering into a realm of creative, innovative, expansive possibilities. This empowers self to connect within, giving time for rest and reflection, which allows a connection with others, that nurtures growth from a place of our shared, recognised humanity.

The house is available for hire, we invite enquiries from people who would like to run their own health and wellbeing retreats. We are particularly open to teachers and facilitators who are specialised in the fields of trauma informed healing practices, somatic healing, soul healing, mindfulness, tantra, yoga and creativity in all it’s forms including writing, movement and the visual arts.

We also welcome enquiries from families wishing to hire the house for special occasions and birthday celebrations.

During Glastonbury festival we are open to enquiries from the media and entertainment fields and can provide a special package designed specifically for that time and event.

We are in the process of developing our own in house retreats and will post more information about them over the coming months.

We also host retreats and events for visiting teachers, practitioners and performers.