About Us

Chalice Hill Retreats is a collaborative project between the philanthropist owner of Chalice Hill House and Kay Dayton.

Kay created and is director of Chalice Hill Retreats and has known Chalice Hill House for over 22 years and has called it her home for the past 5 years, as well as it being the home to her therapy practice.

Inspired by a shared love of the house, the garden and the hill and knowing the space for the healing and recovery it holds. Kay created Chalice Hill Retreats as a way to open the space to others to experience the beautiful atmosphere it offers for healing and transformation at a time when humanity needs it.

Collaboration plays a key role at Chalice Hill Retreats and Kay works with others to bring quality of vision and creativity to the space.
A long time friend and collaborator Laurence McLeod plays an active role in Creative and Design Consultation. Chalice Hill Retreats is an evolving, developing, exploration, bringing together the sense of place, people, ideas and practices to help promote & create a movement towards healing humanity’s story on the planet.

We currently have some wonderful Art works in residence by the Artists Inigo Rose and Diana Milstein as well as photography by Laurence McLeod.