"Do you make regular visits to yourself"     Rumi

Simply understood, a retreat is time taken out of everyday life to spend time being on one’s own or in the company of others, where the intention is to experience a deeper sense of self. Deeper self can be explored through various practices like mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, reflection, creativity, movement and being in nature.

Here at Chalice Hill Retreats, we have created a space tuned into the needs of the deeper self, inviting an opportunity to drop into an inner place of connectedness where you can explore questions of the soul and find a place of peace and calm.

The house and garden provide a unique setting and atmosphere, situated at the foot of Chalice Hill there is a sense of being connected to the mythical landscape. The house holds you in the comforts of home and provides a multitude of optimised spaces to explore various practices.

We are in the process of developing in house retreats and will post more information about these in the coming months.